Outdoor canvas without any hanging system (only canvas)

  • uv- and water resistant outdoor canvas with a three-year colour guarantee
  • you can create or invent your own hanging system
  • the system is available with 1/2 inch accuracy

Explanation maximum sizes

  • The maximum width is 16 Ft  x height 14 Ft or vice versa!

(available with 1/2 inch accuracy)

Available up to
32 ft X 13 ft

  • A three-year colour guarantee
  • Non reflecting cloth
  • Tested outside for 20 years!
  • Washable
  • Weatherproof

About Outdoorcanvas.com

Dtp Studio Schuurman created Outdoorcanvas.com in 2004. We were the first company in Europe and the United States to manufacture these unique outdoor canvases.

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